Belle Huxley Luxury Escort - Houston, TX


Belle Huxley Luxury Escort - Houston, TX


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Thanks for your interest! Let's see if I can answer some of your curiosities about me...


I was born in US but with my diverse (French, African American and Cherokee Indian) ethnicity I am told I appear quite exotic. My greatest influence in my life is my mother who is forever graceful and confident and strong. I studied economics and communications in college, while working part time as a model for exclusive trunk shows.

You’ll find I am a dichotomy of contradictions personality wise. I am adaptable, quick witted with a great sense of humor. I enjoy conversation quiet a lot, some might even say I'm extroverted, however I can also be reclusive and intellectual, taking time to read, study, plan and reflect on life. I am also ambitious and extremely goal oriented. My days and weeks are carefully planned which is essential for someone who likes to travel and enjoy the many adventures life has to offer. I love playing my violin in my spare time. Music is my life and I adore a man who loves good music. But you’ll also find me to be laid back and extremely accommodating even a couch potato at times!! A meaningful life to me, is one of passion, balance and learning. And that sums it up!

Physically I am 26y/o and modelesque in stature. I am told I look exotic with a pretty face. I stand 5’10 weighing 130lbs. My measurements are 35-25-37 and wear a size 2 dress. My skin is a creamy caramel color that is oh so soft to the touch. I eat healthy and take good care of myself and it shows in my appearance. I have shoulder length dark hair and deep brown eyes.

I consider myself a student of the world and never pass an opportunity to learn something new if I can help it. My general interests include but are not limited to classical jazz, reading non fiction, self improvement, enjoying tropical weather, wearing timeless fashion. You’ll find my personal style publicly to be sophisticated, classic with very feminine sensual undertones. My private personal style is relaxed and comfy.

I am so happy you have stopped by to learn about me and my interests. I hope that I have given enough insight into Belle for you to make a clear decision about our compatibility. I sincerely love a man that does his due diligence in seeking his companions. I look forward to making your acquaintance very soon.

A thousand passionate kisses,



My rates are not negotiable.
Please don't embarrass yourself or me by asking or discussing them.
Min. 3 Hour Notice preferred.

In Consideration of time spent :


$1200/ 3 HOURS

$1400 / 4 HOURS


$500 / 1 HOUR

$900 / 2 HOURS



$3500 / 24 HOURS

$4800 / 3 DAY GETAWAY


$1500 / 2 HOURS

$2000 / 3 HOURS

$2500 / 4 HOURS


I love to travel and explore, so if you seek a travel companion or out-of-town outcall by all means please feel free to ask about my rates for travel other wise the no discussion of rates applies.


Frequently Asked

It's easier for us to meet in last minute situations if you have a membership to P411, TER, Date-check, ECCIE, RS2K, Adulthobbyboard. Please PM me from these sites for verification.

I have reviews on TER and ECCIE. I've learned that reviews are important to gauge what kind of experience you may have with me, however please know that our time together is dictated on how we both feel about each other. My suitors rarely discuss our private times on public forums or boards, so there won't be many reviews available out there. While I have given the idea of reviews plenty of thought, I do consider them to be invasions of privacy that undermine my ideas of discretion. Our time together is intimate and I value it being kept between us.

One hour, even two hours is never enough. I'm an insatiable lover as well as a great conversationalist. There is only so much we can do in a short period of time, and I honestly want to experience all of you and vice versa. 4 hours or more with me will allow you to have the mind-blowing, natural, fun, and exhilarating time you are looking for.

I'm single for a reason, but please feel free to book an extended session with me to experience a taste of perfection.

My photos are real and recent. My private gallery displays face photos (access given after appointment is confirmed). Follow my Tumblr and Twitter for more candid and recent photos.

I am my best around men who are kind, smart, generous and funny.
Check out my blog post to know more about me and the type of man I'm most attracted to.

I like Sanpellegrino Limonata and Pinot noir. My favorite right now is Belle Glos and Bethel Heights.

If you have no references I must screen you through your work. Please provide your full name, number, company name, website, main work number, LinkedIn etc. I may also ask to see your ID. I am very discrete and professional when calling you at work.

Yes Please! The more the merrier! I love having fun with couples! From my experience I've realized that Couples sessions help enhance and even strengthen the bond if your relationship. I'd love to show you new things and explore the beauty in a woman's body and spirit while respecting your boundaries and catering to your wildest desires. Let's have and unforgettable time!

On the day of our planned meet I will call/email a few hours in advance to confirm. When I am at your location I will call/txt again for the hotel room number.
Please be courteous and leave my gift in plain view on the bathroom counter, no envelope, upon arrival. Do not mention it or acknowledge it in any way so our time together can be as pleasurable as possible.  I may also ask you to view your ID for verification for my comfort.

Hygiene is very important to me, so please be properly groomed. This means clean hands, fresh breath, freshly showered, little or no cologne. I will be more than happy to jump in the shower with you if need be.

Your time is valuable, so is mine. I take pride in my punctuality and I expect the same from you. Lost in the mystique of Belle? An extended stay can Always B arranged if you desire.

Be a gentleman at all times; never engage in any form of conversation about sex with me, you are paying for my time only which includes a variety of gratifying activities.

Conversations about cash on our date is rude and will not be tolerated; I will be forced to discontinue the meeting if it is mentioned.

Be considerate. Although we may be having fun on our date, do check the time to make sure that you do not go past our scheduled time.

After our first contact you may email me anytime in the future whenever you feel the impulse to meet again. I check my emails twice a day and will respond within the next 24-48 hours. My privacy is very important to me and I promise to treat yours just as significantly. I do understand that you have a life, outside of our shared time, that you wish to remain private. I would never compromise that for any reason. Your information will never be shared with a third party.